Electrically conductive inks are essential for manufacturing a wide variety of electronic products. With more than 35 years of experience, Henkel has become one of the leading conductive ink suppliers across diverse markets. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of different types of electrically conductive inks, including silver, silver/silver chloride or carbon inks, that are suitable for a variety of different substrates and are often used to create traditional electronic applications such as membrane switches, keyboards or rigid printed circuit boards. Next to these more traditional applications, we also offer a new set of innovative formable & stretchable conductive ink solutions for in-mold and textile applications as well as flexible conductive inks that enable the creation of flex circuitry. Both types of electrically conductive inks enable a new era of flexible & shapeable electronics, creating new technological opportunities across industries. Take a browse through our sample portfolio & select your conductive ink sample now! Not sure about what conductive ink suits your application best?

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