Positive temperature coefficient inks, commonly also abbreviated to “PTC inks” offer the innovative possibility to design flexible, self-regulating heating elements that are safe in usage. Therefore PTC inks are especially relevant for the creation of heating elements in the field of automotive, furniture and building design. PTC inks are able to heat up to a certain temperature threshold, also called “switch-off temperature”. The switch off temperature of the PTC inks offered in our portfolio varies between ±60°C and ±105°C. Depending on the further application requirements, we offer PTC inks that are suitable for low as well as high voltage circuitry applications and can be applied to different substrates such as different plastic foils. Our PTC inks can be applied via screen printing. Take a browse through our sample catalogue & select your PTC ink sample now! Not sure about what kind of PTC ink suits your application best?

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Checklist for your product selection

  • What will be the final application?
  • Which substrate will be used?
  • Which application method will be used?
  • What drying & curing conditions can be used?
  • What are the electrical or dielectrical requirements?
  • What are the mechanical, chemical and environmental requirements?
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