Carbon-based, electrically conductive, inks, can be used alone or in combination with silver inks. They are widely used to manufacture electronic applications, e.g. resistors, sensors and heating elements.  The carbon-based inks within our LOCTITE portfolio of conductive inks offer good abrasion resistance, adhesion and a variance in resistance. In fact, if a specific resistivity is required, our carbon inks can be blended to a specific resistance level. Therefore carbon-based inks are especially suitable for creating response sensitivity and heating profiles and are often applied to create  membrane switches and printed (rigid) circuit boards (pcb). Carbon ink for pcb are typically found in copper contact protection, crossovers and printed resistors. Overall our carbon-based inks are applicable to a variety of plastic films and paper substrates by using printing techniques such as screen, flexo and gravure printing.Take a browse through our sample portfolio & select your carbon ink sample now! Not sure about what kind of carbon ink suits your application best?
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Checklist for your product selection

  • What will be the final application?
  • Which substrate will be used?
  • Which application method will be used?
  • What drying & curing conditions can be used?
  • What are the electrical or dielectrical requirements?
  • What are the mechanical, chemical and environmental requirements?
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