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LOCTITE EDAG PF 455B E&C is a dielectric ink with good strength and adhesion. It offers superior humidity resistance which makes it suitable for the production of crossovers with reduced risk of silver migration. LOCTITE EDAG PF 455B E&C is screen printable and green UV-curable. Therefore it is excellent for printing dielectric layers onto print-receptive and untreated polyester foil.
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Techn. Details

Item number: HKL.ADH.1263298

Category: Medical Electrodes & Biosensing
Item number: HKL.ADH.1263298
Functionality‍: Non-Conductiv
Printing Method‍: Screen Printing
Sample Size‍: 1000g
Resistance (Ohm/sq/mil)‍: not conductive
Substrate-Suitability‍: Polyethylene naphthalate PET
Product Type‍: Dielectric Ink
Curing Temperature‍: UV light 0,5 J/cm2
Application‍: Biosensors Medical Electrodes RFID Flexible circuits
Solid Content (% by weight)‍: 100
Coverage (m˛/kg at 10mľ dry coating thickness)‍: 98
Color‍: Translucent Green
Shipping weight‍: 1,20 Kg
Product weight‍: 1,00 Kg
Contents‍: 1.000,00 g