Next to conductive printed electronic inks, non-conductive ink formulations are similarly important for the production and design of electronic devices. Our product portfolio includes black non-conductive ink and dielectric, non-conductive inks. Black non-conductive inks are commonly applied as a blend to other conductive inks, in order to adjust resistance levels. Dielectric, non-conductive inks are designed for the creation of printing dielectric layers, conformal coatings, and encapsulations, which are important for manufacturing touchscreens and other electronic devices across various industries. By insulating, multilayer circuitry, dielectric non-conductive inks enable circuitry crossover and multilayer applications. Overall, our non-conductive inks offer excellent flexibility, humidity resistance, and additional protection for improved strength and performance for multiple electronic applications. Take a browse through our sample portfolio & select your non-conductive ink sample now! Not sure about what non-conductive ink suits your application best?

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