We offer a wide range of different functional ink samples with different functionalities for smart product solutions across multiple markets such as automotive, medical, wearables, traditional electronics, and furniture & building. Simply select & test our LOCTITEŽ samples to accelerate and electrify your innovative product design.

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Seizing future opportunities with high-speed

Printed electronics enable us to live in smart homes, improve our lives with smart healthcare products, and create smart solutions for mobility and connectivity. Keeping up with these innovative products and new technologies that are not at the core of your business can be very time consuming and expensive. At the same time, the printed electronics market is accelerating with shorter product life cycles and changing customer requirements, making their testing & application throughout the early product design phase inevitable. In order to meet these market demands, we at Henkel Printed Electronics have created our sample shop to support a straightforward testing and detection of printed electronics materials to drive innovative product solutions at high-speed.