Silver is a metal with high value that provides good electrical and thermal conductivity. Therefore conductive silver ink is especially suitable for highly conductive printed electronic applications. In order to meet individual market and application needs, we offer silver inks that provide different conductivity levels and offer additional features such as flexibility, stretchability and chemical resistance. Selected silver inks are also halogen-free and formable. By being formable to a certain extent, some of our silver inks are also suitable for the creation of 3D-shaped, in-molded electronics. Additionally our conductive silver inks vary in mechanical strength, adhesion, viscosity as well as their substrate suitability.Depending on the volume and speed necessary for production, we offer flexo, gravure and screen printing silver ink as well as silver ink for spraying, dipping or brushing coating applications.Take a browse through our sample portfolio  & select your silver ink sample now! Not sure about what kind of conductive silver ink suits your application best?

Contact us  and we’ll support you with the selection of a LOCTITE ink that is tailored to your needs.

Checklist for your product selection

  • What will be the final application?
  • Which substrate will be used?
  • Which application method will be used?
  • What drying & curing conditions can be used?
  • What are the electrical or dielectrical requirements?
  • What are the mechanical, chemical and environmental requirements?
  • Need support to find the right product? Contact us!