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LOCTITE ECI 1006 E&C is a halogen-free, conductive silver ink with a very high viscosity. Therefore it is suitable for fine line printing (50 ľm line/spacing possible), offering good adhesion when being printed onto polyester foil and ITO.

LOCTITE ECI 1006 E&C is suitable for screen printing and is often used for printing circuits on flexible substrates to create touch screens, EL-lamps and solar cells.
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Techn. Details

Item number: HKL.ADH.1888126

Category: Wearables
Item number: HKL.ADH.1888126
Best before: 13.07.2023
Functionality‍: Conductiv
Printing Method‍: Screen Printing
Sample Size‍: 1000g
Resistance (Ohm/sq/mil)‍: 0,03
Substrate-Suitability ‍: Kapton indium tin oxide treated & untreated PET
Product Type‍: Silver Ink
Curing Temperature‍: 15 min 120°C
Application‍: Touch screens Photovoltaic Digitizers Busbar support for ITO films Flexible circuits
Solid Content (% by weight)‍: 75
Color‍: Black
Contents‍: 1.000,00 g