The demand for electronic solutions to become thinner, lighter, more comfortable and more technologically advanced is increasing. Therefore numerous devices rely on printed electronics inks for function, form and flexibility. At Henkel we offer a broad portfolio of LOCTITE printed electronics inks that make today’s medical solutions, in-home conveniences, handheld connectivity and automotive sensing solutions reliable and more effective. In order to meet the specific requirements for each of these markets, we offer different types of printed electronics inks, including silver inks, carbon inks, dielectric and other non-conductive inks as well as silver/ silver chloride inks. Our sample shop offers a selected portfolio of printed electronics inks, that covers all types of inks. Interested, in which kind of printed electronic ink suits your application best? Then take a browse through our LOCTITE product catalogue.
Contact us and we’ll support you with the selection of a LOCTITE ink that is tailored to your needs.

Checklist for your product selection

  • What will be the final application?
  • Which substrate will be used?
  • Which application method will be used?
  • What drying & curing conditions can be used?
  • What are the electrical or dielectrical requirements?
  • What are the mechanical, chemical and environmental requirements?
  • Need support to find the right product? Contact us!