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LOCTITE ECI 8120 E&C is a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ink for the creation of low voltage heating elements (<50 Volts) via screen printing. It has a PTC ratio of above 10 and can be used for printing self-regulating heating elements onto polyester foil. The "switch-off" temperature lies by approximately 105°C. The LOCTITE ECI 8120 E&C is compatible with the silver inks LOCTITE EDAG 725A(6S54) E&C and LOCTITE ECI 1010 E&C.
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Techn. Details

Item number: HKL.ADH.1979588

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Item number: HKL.ADH.1979588
Best before: 30.08.2024
Functionality‍: Heating Conductiv
Printing Method‍: Screen Printing
Sample Size‍: 1000g
Resistance (Ohm/sq/mil)‍: 1700
Substrate-Suitability‍: Polyethylene naphthalate PET
Product Type‍: PTC Ink
Curing Temperature‍: 10 min 140°C
Application‍: Self-regulating heating elements
Solid Content (% by weight)‍: 46
Coverage (m˛/kg at 10mľ dry coating thickness)‍: 43
Color‍: Black
Shipping weight‍: 1,20 Kg
Product weight‍: 1,00 Kg
Contents‍: 1.000,00 g